Almost everyone has taken a vacation.  Whether it’s a short or a long one, it helps to plan ahead.  Knowing where you’re going and what you’ll be doing will be the reasoning for what you pack.

Step #1 Buy a planner

Like me, if you always feel like you’re forgetting to pack something, you can start off with writing everything in a pocket planner or a journal.  I would start by writing down the most important items that you can first think of, then write anything else that comes to mind.  Always double check the items on the list against the items you are packing.

Step #2 Pack to your own needs

If you usually carry a wallet, it would probably be best not to pack that into the travel bag so you have all of your most important information with you.  While you’re on vacation you may need something a bit smaller to carry around with you and keep your personal items together.  How about a tote bag, they are big enough to fit many things into but small enough to not get in the way.  Don’t forget to take your sunscreen! I hate going on vacations and turning red.

Step #3 Make your belongings noticeable

An important travel reminder is to buy a luggage tag to put on your bag for the airport.  It may even benefit you to put your company name on it.  I always like to get something that stands out such as a different color bag or a luggage tag so you won’t have to spend time searching.

Step #4 Make your life easier

If you are going on a rather short, maybe 3-day vacation, you may not need to take a suitcase.  I would recommend a backpack or duffel bag.  Why take up more time waiting for your suitcase to arrive at the airport when you could’ve already been gone.

I always love to go somewhere sunny and warm like the beach.  I’ve been to the Bahamas’, Florida twice, and Maryland.  Those are just as vacations, I’ve also been to Ohio, and Washington D.C. Now I’m going to North Carolina to enjoy the sand, ocean, and sun!  However, we are driving, which I’m not a big fan of.

Well it’s time to start writing a list and packing for my vacation.

♥ Brandi