Imagine the year is 1990, only 20 years ago. Someone asks you a random question: Who was the 2nd person to sign the Declaration of Independence? In 1990, where would you find this info? You could ask someone that may know or find it in a history book or encyclopedia, if you had one. You could visit a library, and hunt down a section on books that may help you. Either way, there would be some time involved. Flashforward to 2010 and the same question is presented, how long would it take this time? Maybe 10 seconds and there are multiple devices nearby that could answer it that quickly. Your cell phone, laptop, computer, iPod/iPad, game system and possibly your TV could tell you that Charles Thomson, Secretary of the The United States in Congress Assembled 1781-1789, signed it 2nd, but you already knew (Googled) that.

Information moves at the speed of light nowadays. It’s not a surprise that we have advanced technology-wise more in the last 110 years than in the previous 1,899 years combined. My devices will blow up to report my fantasy football running back has a torn ACL before he himself knows what happened. Having a e-reader and Mp3 player eliminates the need to carry about CDs and books and they hold more than you could ever carry anyway. Newspapers are struggling because most of the articles could be obsolete from the time it takes from press to street. Also I get USA Today and my local paper on my iPad each morning updated with the latest stories and free of charge, so why go out and buy a paper? If you really think about it, you’d be surprised at how much technology has changed your lives from only a few years ago. As Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a’changin’”.

In the Business realm, technological changes are commonplace. Anything that can be used to assist your clients or employees quicker with their needs is the way to go. At rushIMPRINT, we like to be at the forefront of technology, so we have implemented a live-chat program that started in 2009. During business hours you can reach a representative to answer any question you may have about us and our products. You may even get to talk to me on there.

If you want your business promotions to meet the crest of the technology wave then you should definitely check out our USB section. With a USB, storage is a premium and we have various sizes to meet your business needs. Your company’s information will be displayed in great detail on a product can be used everyday. It’s exactly what you want a promotional product to be, it gets your name out there and is a product most will use. .

With rushIMPRINT, we can help with providing your company the latest promotions for a changing world. It may not yet be the future that countless movies, TV shows and books have talked about, but Nike did just patent Marty McFly’s autolace shoe from Back to the Future – so I’d say we are on our way.

How much longer do we have to wait for the Hover board?

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