Three words, The Pittsburgh Pirates.  I love going to their games and getting score updates on my phone.    I’ve been to about four games this year and hope to go to more next year.

What is your favorite thing to do?  You should take a few hours or a day to remind yourself why life is so precious.  What do I love?  I love putting on my favorite hat and standing in the crowd cheering for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Why you may ask?  Because I love the everything about it like the food, stadium, sport,  and just getting out for the night.

Everyone loves free things!

In April, when I went to a game with my boyfriend Chris, we had awesome seats and a very memorable day.  It happened to be really cold that day which is why I’m wearing a jacket in the picture.  Before the game started, we walked past this free game called Spin-A-Wheel.  All you had to do was show the workers your ID card and spin the wheel to win a prize.  I ended up getting an Eco friendly Pirate’s tote bag, and Chris won a Pirate’s T-shirt.

I always try to get close seats between home plate and third base.  Although, the Pirates probably aren’t your favorite team like they are mine, those seats are surely taken fast.   Well that night, we had awesome seats which may be why Chris caught two foul baseballs from Andrew McCutchen without a glove!  A few people sitting near us weren’t very happy and called us greedy.  This is my favorite memory, we had so much fun that night and he even gave me both baseballs.   That’s the first and only game we ever caught a baseball at.  We are still looking to get them signed.

After the amazing fireworks for the Pirate’s win we left in my car with my Pirate floor mats, license plate frame, and clear stickers on my windows that still makes me think of that day when I look at it.

You can find any of those types of promo products at rushIMPRINT.  Having the products we won still has us thinking about this night.  Now I buy all of my fan gear from them.

Well as much as I don’t like many other sports, like he loves hockey, I guess I’ll have to repay him by going to a game.

♥ Brandi