In your opinion of today’s technology, what is the best invention that has made an improvement for yourself or the world?  Is their anything in the future that you would like to see created?

During high school I took a program at Forbes Road CTC for computer networking and engineering (CNET).  This program went from changing your screen saver to wiring.

Early Opportunities

Brandi- working at Forbes Road CTC

While attending Forbes, we had a project which required us to take a trip to Seagate Research Center in the Strip District and present a PowerPoint.  We were proposing new applications for wireless and network attached hard drives in everyday life.  While we worked on these projects for a month or so you could see how much more people understood the new application.

External Hard Drive by Seagate


All of the students, myself included, who presented at Seagate, got to see the newest invention that wasn’t even out on the market yet.  It’s called D.A.V.E (digital audio video experience).  Everyone was prepared and some students even built live models to back up their speech.

I really started to understand the course and wanted to learn more.  From taking computers apart, software problem diagnosis, programming, wiring (striping, crimping) to putting the computers back together by ourselves, it was a very difficult course but we had a great teacher.

The presentation room at Seagate

When I received my grades our teacher told me I was entered into the National Technical Honors Society.  Myself and the one other female in my class were the only two people who had over a 3.7 grade point average in that class.   He was proud of us because like he mentioned the work force could use some more women in this field.  We received a certificate, pin, and breakfast which our family and regular school principles were invited to.

This is a review of  the crowds opinions on our Presentation.

A few types of technology

There are so many types of technology out you may not even realize it.  For one, vehicles, sure you may think of computers when I say the word technology, I know I do, but vehicles are changing everyday.  We’ve all seen the number pad on some vehicles that allow password entry.  They are also integrating a credit card type entry to avoid loss of car keys.  Then there is always the remote buttons to open car doors, and trunks of most new vehicles.

Another new type of technology is the digital picture frames.  They are not a necessity but lets face it, they do help save space from all the picture frames you have around the house of family and friends.  Some even have a calendar, alarm clock, radio, and thermometer.

Something that has been out for a little while now is touch screens.  Not just phones, but computers, signatures, kiosks, cameras, IPods, and GPS.  What do you think about touch screen phones?  Are they more convenient to use?  I personally won’t buy another one after the last one broke multiple times; I don’t think they are very easy to use.  I went to best buy not too long ago and seen the new touch screen computers that are replacing mice and keyboards.  Those are pretty cool but I love typing on a keyboard to keep my typing speed really high.

As Tom said “I get USA Today and my local paper on my iPad each morning updated with the latest stories and free of charge, so why go out and buy a paper?”

It’s totally understandable not to buy a paper if it’s free but honestly if I read the newspaper each morning, I’d rather buy it than use it on an iPad.  I would get a headache staring at a screen that long trying to read it.  Plus, most people make it part of their daily routine to walk down the street for some exercise and a coffee.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love technology  but like I explained about the touch screens they aren’t my favorite thing.

Fun picture of us at Seagate

Those are just basic types of technology.  I could go on and on discussing more items and what they mean to us but I won’t bore you.  What do you think about all of this?  Is their anything I missed that you find convenient to your needs?  What about anything that you find not worth using?