If you gather a bunch of people together to watch football, it’s really easy to spot a person that plays fantasy football. The range of emotion conveyed by these people in the course of a given Sunday is a sight to behold. Joy can turn into frustration mighty quickly and you get as much cheering and yelling about the game you are watching as you do about the stat tracker at the bottom of the screen. When it comes to the home team, you can sometimes get multiple emotions occurring at the same time. Your home team intercepts a pass from your QB in a tight game, and you don’t know what to feel. Most fantasy football players won’t root against their home team, but fantasy football will put you in that position at many points during the season. Other than gambling, fantasy football is the only thing that can take you from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and vice versa in the course of an afternoon.

rushIMPRINT Fantasy Football Update

We are headed into Week 5, and I stand at an average 2-2. Not quite the start I was looking for, especially when my team name is On a Mission from God, I was hoping for a little divine intervention. (Great Blues Brothers reference to the uninitiated) Our 3rd season of Fantasy here has taken an interesting turn. Smack talk has really stepped up, and the competition and passion has really come through. It’s actually impressive as we aren’t playing for money but for pride and the ability to be able to smack talk our fellow employees. The trades have been flying after a great and passionate e-mail and face to face debate, and so far, it’s been our best season yet. Mike and I play this week and smack talk between us has been pretty furious since the abysmal 59 points i put up against Dan Week 1. However, week 2 and 3, I was the highest point totals in our league, which is exactly the point I was trying to make above. My QB situation is a mess, but I feel pretty good about everything else. I refuse to have a losing record and therefore must destroy Mike this week. I promised to pull every end zone dance from memory to celebrate my victory if i do. That includes the Primetime, Icky Shuffle, Dirty Bird and a few other hidden gems. Every win should be celebrated and I’ve picked a special one this year.

The Art of the the Lebron

I don’t watch basketball much, but am aware of Lebron James pregame ritual. He takes a handful of powder rubs it between his hands and then throws it in the hair so in rains down a cloud of smoke down. I thought it would a good idea to celebrate my victories in the same way, but without the powdery mess. So each victory, I take one sheet on plain copy paper and cut it into about 20-25 pieces. I walk over to the desk of my defeated opponent and essentially “Lebron” them. I throw the pieces up in the air and let them rain down on me and their desk. The theory is that if they would have won, they wouldn’t have to clean up the mess. Even with my average start, I plan to win, this weekend and beyond. The smack down will rain, as will the copy paper on every opponent I leave in my wake. Thanks for reading!

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