November is a month to celebrate being thankful for many things, including family, friends and workplace colleagues. It’s always a good idea to take a moment and thank those who have helped you in the past year. With that being said, we at are thankful for many things as well, most importantly you! Below are a few tips on how you can say ‘Thank You’ to your customers, partners or colleagues.

Be Creative
There are many ways to say ‘thank you’ but most of us have heard them all before, so it may take some creativity to come up with the best gift or expression that will really brighten up their day.

Surprise Them!
While this is similar to being creative mentioned above, take it a step further and really do something they don’t expect. Gifts that create a ‘WOW’ factor not only give the recipient a fun boost of excitement they will also walk away feeling as though you really took time to think about them.

Make it Personal
A freshly printed Holiday card with your imprinted message and logo is a crisp look, but instead take a moment and write out a letter or sign a card. If you’re saying ‘thank you’ to customers you may not be sending every one a card, but you might be able to offer them individual coupons or promotions that will not only cause them to buy more but will also feel tailored to their needs.

What We’re Thankful for…”

“I am thankful for the great relationships that I have built by being a member of the Clayton Kendall & rushIMPRINT team.”
- Luke
Online Merchandising Manager

“The simple things. It’s the smile from my youngest nephew that can totally put things back in perspective and make me realize what is truly important in this world, and to just let all the other nonsense go. So remember to smile, I guarantee you will make someone’s day and help them realize that things can always get better.”
- Chrissy
Administrative Assistant / Customer Service

“Thankful for being with Clayton Kendall for 13 years, the thrill of watching Clayton Kendall grow and experience the growth every step of the way.”
- Linda

“I am new to and have to say I am thankful for a great job. Getting to work for our terrific customers and with great suppliers and staff is an added benefit!”
Accounting Dept.

“I am thankful for Chrissy Wallace who handles all the details of an order so I can focus on business development.”
Regional Sales Manager

Staff Picked Items to say ‘Thank You’:

Cutter & Buck American Classic Document Compu-Case

Oil and Vinegar Fire Extinguisher Set

Oil and Vinegar Fire Extinguisher Set

Custom Fleece Blanket

Custom Fleece Blanket

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites - Maple Ridge Assorted Treat Box

Silver Snowflake Ornament

Silver Snowflake Ornament

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