Distributer Profits Up 5.9% in Second Quarter

In the flagging business environment, at least one industry is seeing gains. Distributor revenues have increased 5.9% in Q2 of 2011. This is the sixth consecutive gain for the sector, making it one of the most reliable growing niches in the United States. According to the data recently released by the ASI, distribution industry growth totalled $4.6 billion in the last quarter.

This continued growth shows that while traditional print promotional materials may be a shrinking business, companies and individuals looking to increase their brand awareness are increasingly turning to distributors. An increased emphasis on creativity has led to customers paying distbutor’s a little extra for more memorable branding opportunities.

A look at a top promotional outlet, rushIMPIRINT (found online at http://www.rushimprint.com) will show that brand building buyers can move beyond marketing their brands and events on pens, t-shirts, and magnets. Rubber duckies, sports bottles, USB drives, beach balls, flower vases, and other unique items are all top sellers. As one of the top distributors in the promotions industry, their commitment to exciting, diverse products shows why the distribution sector is thriving.

Promotional marketing is big business and the larger the company, the more opportunities customers have for unique branded promo items. Businesses that earned more than $1 million in revenue per year saw a higher than average growth of 8.7%. But even smaller companies focused on brand building can expect to see significant increases in the short term. The majority of distribution companies surveyed all forecast financial growth in the coming year.

For businesses interested in promotional marketing, now is the time to take advantage of distribution companies specializing in branded promo items. Featuring highly creative inventories that are sure to please customers, the continued success of this specialized industry is a testament to customer’s continued sanctification with the results they have seen.

As the economy slowly but surely sees growth, distribution firms are seeing more orders with an emphasis on high returns. “…(clients) are demanding more value. In our case, they are demanding more creative value versus demanding lower pricing.” explains Mark Graham, president of Right Sleeve Marketing.

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