Health and Fitness Gifts – It’s Exercise with Your Child Week!

Icon Pedometer

Make every step count during exercise with your child week with the Icon Pedometer! Available in neutral black or royal blue, the Icon Pedometer keeps track of 1 to 99,999 steps, which means your company logo will be in the forefront for a long time to come. The sleek Icon Pedometer is one of the most portable fitness promos available, making it a great promotional products choice for advertising any business in the fitness or health industries, or for encouraging employees to exercise while
keeping the company name in the forefront.

StayFit Digital Jump Rope

The StayFit Digital Jumrope is one of the most state-of-the-art fitness promos available today. Among the most technologically-advanced fitness promotional products, it’s sure to catch the attention of tech savvy consumers. What better way to promote your company during exercise with your child week than with a StayFit Digital Jumrope that records the number of jumps taken and the calories burned as well as the distance jumped in either kilometers or miles. Available in crisp, clean white with blue accents, the 10-foot StayFit Digital Jumrope is a great choice for advertising your gym, personal training services, or other fitness-focused business. Choose one of a variety of custom colors to make your logo jump out!

EVA First Aid Kit

The EVA First Aid Kit is one of the best promotional products. After all, who doesn’t need a first aid kit? Your clients will appreciate your focus on their health during exercise with your child week. One of the best-selling fitness promos, the EVA First Aid Kit has all of the basic first aid items, including a variety of bandages, scissors, and safety pins, all in a handy, black zippered case that will bring your logo to the forefront every time your customer reaches for a bandage.

Mini Pill Holder Keychain

The Mini Pill Holder Keychain is a wonderful fitness promos option that brings your company’s name to mind whenever a customer reaches for the keys or their medication. Your clients will appreciate your concern with their well-being with one of the most popular promotional products around. With a built-in pill splitter, this is a great advertising option for any medical or child care facility during exercise with your child week. Available in patriotic red, white, or blue, the Mini Pill Holder Keychain is a constant reminder of the great products and services your company provides.

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