Promote Breast Cancer Awareness with Promotional Products

Breast cancer is one of the greatest threats to women. Nearly 200,000 American women will be diagnosed every year with breast cancer, and more than 40,000 will die of the disease. One of the best ways to fight the disease is to promote breast cancer awareness. And one way to do that is through the use of promotional products.

rushIMPRINT offers a number of promotional products that can be used to promote any cause throughout
the year and especially in October, which is breast cancer awareness month. Help to promote a greater understanding of breast cancer, such as the fact that it is considered a heterogeneous disease that differs by individual, age group and even the type of cells within the tumors themselves, using a stress reliever keychain. Its handcrafted polyurethane stress ball is a fun way to squeeze away your daily stress while promoting awareness of the disaease.

Make others aware of the risk factors of breast cancer, such as obesity, the intake of more than two alcoholic drinks a day and the fact that half of all women diagnosed are over age 65, with a promotional ribbon keychain, which easily attaches to your backback or belt loop.
Using a sport sling pack, one can promote greater awareness of breast cancer and in the process explode some of the myths of the disease, such as the fact that it only affects women or that mammograms can cause the cancer to get worse. This product can help the spread the message of the cause of breast cancer awareness to a younger audience.

And a pink tote bag that is trendy and practical can also serve as the perfect tool for promoting the cause at meets and greets, trade shows and corporate events. The bags have a large area to print the message of breast cancer awareness, including telephone numbers, web addresses and important dates. This promotional product can also spread the message of hope, and the fact that a diagnosis of breast cancer doesn’t have to mean “the end.” In fact, a diagnosis can be the beginning of learning how to fight and to survive. So, let promotional products help spread the word this October.

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