Raise Your Brand To New Heights with Custom Balloons

Looking for a fun, effective way to spread the word for you brand? Why not try balloons? Custom balloons can be seen from a great distance to attract visitors and potential clients with the lure of something exciting in store. There is no better way to say that your company is on the rise than with the bright balloons offered at rushIMPRINT.

There are a great variety of custom balloons to choose from depending on your preference for size and colors. For a fun party look, the 18″ Round Foil Mylar Balloons serve just right. They have a bright metallic sheen that is available in 18 different colors – choose your company’s signature color scheme, or create a rainbow! There are even 29 imprint colors available for these balloons as well. Everyone enjoys a party, and these Mylar Balloons will make even business events with your brand seem fun and inviting.

For a smaller size scale with equal amount of pizazz, there are also Decorator Latex Balloons, offered in two sizes of 9″ or 11″. These beautiful, classic-shaped balloons come in 17 different colors and can be printed with one of 29 different imprint colors. These balloons are perfect for handing out to potential clients or coworkers at big events to spread the brand name even further.

And for the company seeking to make a BIG impression, check out the 5-foot Jumbo Gorilla Balloons! In six bright colors with one imprint color, these gigantic globes are impossible to pass by. These Gorilla Balloons will be forever remembered boasting a huge brand name of your company that cannot be ignored!

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