Best Promotional Holiday Gifts

Picking out gifts can seem like such an overwhelming task. With so much to choose from, you may be wondering where to start! Never fear, though, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best promotional holiday gifts. We’ve included a wide variety in this list to ensure that there’s a little bit of everything!

1- Belgio Chiller: This bottle chiller will keep any bottle chilled, whether it’s wine or champagne, and will do so with style. The stainless steel finish and complementing black wrap has a timeless, sophisticated look.

2- Griffin Survivor Case: Not only is this iPhone case attractive, it’s incredibly durable. Made with a polycarbonate frame that’s wrapped in silicone, this case will protect an iPhone from almost any abuse someone could put it through!

3- Brixen Journalbook: Combining style and practicality into one, this is a gift they’re sure to use over and over again, and will take with them wherever they go.

4- Mega Acrylic Tumbler: Everyone is looking for ways to go green, and this acrylic double-walled tumbler is perfect for taking drinks on the go without the hassle and waste of paper cups!

5- 2-in-One Tumbler and Mug: Of course, for those who tend to prefer hot drinks, you’ll want to look into getting them this 2-in-One Tumbler and Mug. Not only is the stainless steel finish attractive, it also vacuum seals and features a red indicator to let you know when it has been secured properly! No more accidental spills in the car!

6- Solar Charger & Desktop Phone Holder: If you’re looking for something that’s more on the tech side, but still unique, this Solar Charger & Desktop Phone Holder is perfect! Featuring a 1300 mAh lithium battery, this charger and holder is compatible with any iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device!

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