Values of Service Award Programs

Showing your employees that you value them is an important part of being a good employer. Taking the time to recognize employees for their hard work and achievements provides a number of benefits, including a great boost for morale. It shows that you care about and appreciate all the effort and care they put into their work, which will encourage that behavior to continue. And when you’re looking to hire new employees, a service award program – or programs – can prove to be a very attractive benefit for prospective employees. What sort of service award programs can you implement within your company?

Quarterly or Yearly Awards
If you have certain goals or milestones you would like your company to achieve within a certain time frame, take the time to award employees for their part in helping the company achieve these goals. The time frame in which you do this can be on a yearly cycle, or you can do quarterly awards or even awards upon the completion of certain milestones on a particularly large project.

Retirement and Employee Oriented Awards
Rewarding employees for staying with your company for certain periods of time encourages dedication to the company and to their job. Awards for lifetime achievements upon retirement are a given, but consider awarding employees on anniversaries of employment as well. Your Human Resources department will have the date the employee was hired, and awarding them for their years of service will encourage your employees to stay with the company and continue to be an asset.

Community Involvement Awards
If your company or employees participate in any community-oriented programs outside the workplace, this is a great opportunity to award employees for their community contributions. With certain community programs, such as cancer awareness walks and building playgrounds and parks, there will certainly be awards and recognition from the community, but be sure to take the time to acknowledge your employees’ efforts. Not only is it great public relations for your company, but it encourages your employees to be well-rounded, community, and team-minded.

There are so many opportunities for you to implement service award programs within your company, and any of these options brings with it great return on investment for you. Taking the time to recognize your employees and show that you care about their performance will in turn boost morale and encourage further efforts by your employees to see themselves and the company overall succeed.

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