Custom Stress Balls

Stress balls are a longstanding, fan favorite giveaway item. They are incredibly effective when used for their intended purpose – stress relief – but we have all also used them for interoffice games of football and basketball, and they are great fun to toss out as giveaway items.

Stress balls have evolved over time, though, and they are not just made in your classic Round Stress Ball shape. This is great for people who would like a giveaway item that, upon first glance, really illustrates the nature of their business. If, for example, you work in the law industry, this Gavel Stress Ball is a great, fun idea for a promotional product that not only gets your logo out there, but lets people know what you’re about at first glance. If your industry of choice is the music industry, this Guitar Stress Ball is both cool and functional.

You can also get stress balls that are particular to the event at which you will be representing your business. For example, if you are at a sports event, don’t hesitate to pick up this Football Stress Ball. Even if you are just a sponsoring business and you don’t normally work in the sports industry, it can sometimes work to great benefit for you to tailor your promotional items to the particular event. This is even true if you’re doing a booth at holiday themed events – such as this Pumpkin Stress Reliever. Great for booths at mall walks geared toward safe trick-or-treating for kids.

Never be afraid to think outside the box when you are looking at custom stress balls as a promotional item for your business. They fit so well into any budget, you may even want to indulge your own inner child and invest in some of these Cup of Coffee Stress Relievers. And that’s more than okay. People cannot stop playing with custom stress balls once they have been given one, so people will be looking at your logo multiple times a day, and whether it’s because they’re stressed or they’re playing a quick game of catch at the water cooler, they’ll be thinking of your business.

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