Custom Printed Magnets

One of the most often overlooked, underused, and unique of promotional items are custom magnets. We don’t think of them off the top of our heads because they are, of course, not all that common for people to hand out. However, when you take the time to think about it, they are incredibly useful. People use magnets every day on their refrigerators to hold a variety of things from school or community calendars to children’s artwork and shopping lists. Refrigerator space, and particularly the magnets that are used on the refrigerator, is prime real estate viewed every single day. You can not afford to not have a custom business card magnet on every client’s refrigerator.

Business Card in Magnet
This is your classic business card magnet. It offers a full color print, though, which means your logo can stand out or you can add a photograph of yourself or a product you provide to really make the magnet eye-catching.

Rectangle w/ Round Corners
This vertical magnet is actually a great deviation from the norm. More and more we’re seeing business cards that are vertical as opposed to landscaped. When translated into a magnet, this allows the magnet to hold a piece of paper to the fridge without obscuring too much of the paper.

Shaped Business Card Magnets
There are a few options here, for example:
Mini Van
Medium Phone
2.5 Circle
Shapes are great because they stand out, and you can often find one that fits with your particular brand or industry. Business cards today are evolving from their traditional rectangular shape in order to stand out, so do not be afraid to take a design leap in order to stand out!

If you are in any service related industry – such as plumbing, construction, chimney cleaning, landscaping, et al – you need to take advantage of this. When a past client finds themselves in a pinch, you want them to see your phone number and immediately associate their past experience with you and call you again. If you are in the food industry and offer delivery services or would like to fill up some reservation spots, or simply be the first on your customer’s mind when they realize the refrigerator is empty? You need custom business card magnets.

Provide something useful in a service brochure handout like one of these custom magnets, and when a prospective client needs your services, you’re more likely to be the one called. Why? Because your brand was the first seen and no one had to go searching to find your phone number or website. For simplicity, cost effectiveness, and overall success rate? Custom business card magnets are a must.

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