Custom Printed Lighters & Matchbooks

Bars and restaurants are a perfect place for people to get together. What better way to socialize than with good food, good drink, and great friends? And if you have your business in the bar or restaurant industry, you may have had to work around people who smoke. It tends to go hand in hand; people start throwing back shots of tequila and light up a cigarette to ease the burn, or perhaps a celebration has caused the distribution of some cigars. But, inevitably, there are going to be people who don’t have a light when they need it. Which is why it’s a great idea – and a great marketing tactic – to get yourself some custom printed lighters and matchbooks.

BIC J23 Slim Lighter
This is your standard BIC lighter. Easily recognizable, easy to use. This custom printed lighter also offers a variety of colors from which to choose, both for the lighter itself and for your business logo to be added on one side, with a warning label on the other side.

BIC J38 Electronic Lighter
These custom printed lighters are great because instead of having to roll your thumb over the flint wheel, it’s just a simple depression of the button and the lighter produces a flame electronically.

BIC J25 Mini Lighter
The mini lighter is really fun, and very handy to keep around. The size gets people wanting to touch it and look at it, regardless of whether or not they’re a smoker! And the tiny size of this custom printed lighter means it’s very easy to stash anywhere and keep on hand at all times!

These are just a few examples of some of the custom printed lighters and matchbooks you can get for your business. Keeping them on hand to give away to customers as they need them during the evening adds a little something extra to your customer service end along with getting promotional items into the hands of customers.

Also, it will have them carrying your logo with them wherever they go after they’ve left your establishment. People will – and do, frequently – ask about the logo imprinted on the lighter, which will strike up conversation about your business. Even non-smokers have need of lighters and matches from time to time, whether for starting a fire in the fireplace or lighting candles for a romantic evening.

Custom printed lighters and matchbooks are also incredibly cost effective, making it very easy to add this in to your budget for promotional tools. If you haven’t considered it already and you’re in the bar and restaurant industry, it’s highly recommended that you get yourself some custom printed lighters and matchbooks!

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