Imprinted Padfolios

Of all the office supplies you could possibly purchase, a custom padfolio is one of the most versatile. Their varying styles make them easily usable in many office situations, and are great for everyone from employees to clients to executives alike.

Padfolios can be used both during projects, or to showcase work packages during a presentation. What better way to really dress up a presentation and incorporate a giveaway promotional item than by wrapping it all up in a gorgeous custom padfolio? You can also make use of them as a gift to reward a particular team for achieving above and beyond goals for a specific project, and they make wonderful gifts upon promotion, retirement, or other career milestones.

Durahyde Padfolio
Simple yet elegant, this padfolio features either a screen print or a debossed print to showcase your brand logo. On the interior, organizer pockets and a clear ID or calculator pocket make it perfect for anyone on the go. The gusseted file pocket and zippered closure ensure that everything kept within this padfolio will stay safe and secure.

Machester Padfolio
This padfolio features an accordion style business card holder, which lets you or your executives and employees on the go keep not only their business cards, but business cards of clients handy. The clear pocket is also large enough to hold some flash storage devices so even digital projects can be carried and not lost. A built in solar calculator keeps checking the cell phone at bay and makes this padfolio a literal office on the go.

Machester Jr. Padfolio
If you need something just a little smaller than traditional sized padfolios, or if you’re looking for a small gift for your executives or employees, look no further. This custom padfolio includes a 5″ writing pad, one pocket and an elastic loop to hold a pen. A built in solar calculator ups the usability quotient while still maintaining a slim, sleek design for this mini padfolio. Despite its size, this padfolio packs a punch.

You go to a lot of meetings, and you distribute a lot of paperwork. You also have to keep mementos in mind that are embossed or printed with your brand logo. When you’re thinking about promotional products that are not only practical, but pack a lot of punch, look no further than custom padfolios. Their incredible usability and classic style make them a great choice, no matter who they’re for.

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