Custom Logo Matchboxes

Matches and custom matchbooks are a classic way of getting your business out there. Think of how often you’ve seen them in the media, be it through movies or television. The woman who figures out the bar where she met that mysterious yet handsome man, the casino owner who gives them out just like business cards. There are even people who collect matchbooks. Yours could very well be the next in their collection. Not only are they classic, they’re useful, and when people take them home, others will see your logo.

Of course, the most often thought of places where one could get a custom matchbook or custom matchboxes are at places such as bars, restaurants, and even casinos. Which is great if you are in those industries; matchbooks are perfectly suited. Even if you are not in the bar or restaurant industry, though, you may look into getting custom matches for your next party. They’re cost effective, useful, and a great memento.

Match Book BK30
This match book is made in the classic folding style. What is unique with this particular style is that the printing options allow for you to also have information printed on the bottom flap. This is perfect if you have a lot of information you would like to put on the match book, but do not want to compromise on style.

Match Book BK20
Simple, elegant, and classy. The printing on this match book is simple, with just a logo and the business name. This is great for company parties or high end restaurants and clubs. With your powerful and easily recognizable logo on the match book, your brand will certainly be recognized.

Match Box BX6
Now this is a variation on the classic design; the match box. Slightly smaller than a traditional store bought match box, this not only prominently displays your brand logo, it does so in a prominent way while the design of the match box stands out. Do not let the difference in design fool you, as it is just as functional as a more traditional match book.

Custom printed matches are practically a cultural icon, and they are a part of advertising that absolutely no business in the restaurant, bar, and food service industry should pass up. Their cost effectiveness makes them a perfect marketing tool for any business, whether just starting out or well established. By adding a classic marketing touch while providing a useful promotional item to clients and customers, you’re sure to be thoroughly pleased by adding printed match books and match boxes to your promotional repertoire.

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