Custom Cowbells

Custom Cowbells? Your first and most obvious question might very well be: “What ARE cowbells, and what do they have to do with marketing and advertising?” Are we talking about a bell worn around the neck of cattle so they don’t wander off without being noticed?

Actually yes, some of the items, such as the best-selling small cowbell, really do ring. These promotional cowbells make great gifts or giveaways for sports enthusiasts, and for gathering and holding the attention of large crowds. Shaped like an actual old fashion cowbell, and with a bell that actually rings, these ding-a-lingers make fantastic conversation starters, and will place your logo squarely in front of a large number of potential customers.

Many schools give away cowbells during football games and other sporting events. What better way to get your logo noticed? Each person who receives one of these printed cowbells is in essence a walking advertisement for your company. Think of the unpaid exposure for your information!

Related to the actual cowbells are items such as the cowboy hat stress ball, the cowboy boot stress ball, and even the cow stress reliever key chain. All of these are fun and useful promotional products. Because of their low cost, they are a great opportunity to place your logo in front of large numbers of potential customers during tradeshows and conventions. Are you looking for something unique for a promotional product? Why not try a 17” inflatable cow, or one of our many other inflatable animals. These are promotional items that will get your company logo noticed and remembered.

Custom cowbells will serve well to promote your advertising needs; give one of the helpful customer service specialists at rushIMPRINT a call at 1-866-277-7874 and discuss what it is that you want to achieve. The trained agents will help you choose the best item for you in a professional and friendly manner. Custom cowbells will give your business branding a real boost!

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