Custom Golf Balls

Custom golf balls are a promotional product that you can always count on to be used and enjoyed by the recipients. They are used by the retired person playing golf on vacation, by the Saturday golfer enjoying his time away from work, and by the professional golfer making his living playing the game.
Golf is played by every age group, from young children to the elderly. Estimates from the National Golf Foundation place the number of golfers in the U.S. at 28.6 million in 2009. This means that when you select logo golf ballsas a giveaway or gift, you have a tremendous audience to target. And each recipient then becomes an advertisement for you every time they use one of your golf balls when playing.
Custom golf balls can also be distributed as part of a mail out campaign before being inflated, and can not only advertise your company logo, but also be used to advertise events such as charity golf games or motorcycle charity runs.
You can choose your promotional golf balls from among the best known, such as Titleist, Nike, TaylorMade, Top Flite and many more, and add your company logo to personalize them. You can even select value golf balls for as low as $1.35 for large scale giveaways, and still be assured of a quality product. When selecting imprinted golf balls to use as a gift for valued customers or employees, you may prefer to choose a style such as the more expensive Titleist Pro V1 golf balls or the Callaway Hex black tour balls.
Printed golf balls make great stand alone gifts, or can be used as part of a gift basket or door prize. They work well for any company, but for a business which specializes in sporting goods, they make an invaluable addition to a marketing campaign.
Custom Golf Balls will serve well to promote your advertising needs; give one of the helpful customer service specialists at rushIMPRINT a call at 1-866-277-7874 and discuss what it is that you want to achieve. The trained agents will help you choose the best item for you in a professional and friendly manner. These customized golf balls will give your business branding a real boost!

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