Custom Printed Bandanas

Custom printed bandanas have come into their own as highly prized promotional items. Their wide use, as well as the variety of uses, has made them highly popular with a wide sector of the population.
Even our pets use bandanas! Veterinary offices place bandanas on dogs after treatments, dog salons put them on after a grooming, and pet stores give them away to customers. With the large amount spent on our pets each year, shouldn’t your company logo be featured where they will be sure to notice it, on their favorite pet?
Printed bandanashave many uses when hiking or camping. Along with their normal uses, they make an excellent tourniquet, pot holder, neck sunblock, washcloth or towel, sweatband or sling. They have also seen use as cleaning cloths for firearms, to mark a trail, as a napkin, as a substitute coffee filter, as a dust mask, and to clean glasses. You can even tie a bandana around your pants legs to keep out fleas, ticks and chiggers when hiking. And this is only a small number of the uses these promotional bandanas have.
Bandanas are used to clean camera lens, to collect and hold shells at the beach, as a belt, to fill with ice and use as a compress. The list goes on and on.
Sporting goods companies find these custom logo bandanas to be a highly successful marketing tool, with a low cost and great repeat exposure. They are inexpensive enough for even large scale giveaways at conventions, tradeshows and other events, but quality enough to give as gifts too. There is a large imprint area to make your logo highly visible, and a large selection of colors to make sure that your logo stands out. Clothing stores find them a useful advertisement, and schools not only pass them out as giveaways, but have also used them for sale in schools and to sports teams as an added stream of revenue.
Charity events have also found bandanas to be highly profitable promotional items. They are highly suitable for charity motorcycle runs, as well as for 5 and 10k walks. Whatever event you are promoting, you will find custom bandanas to be a welcome addition to your marketing mix.

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