Halloween Bags

Halloween is always an exciting time of year, and a great time to showcase your company logo for all to see.
Personalized Halloween bags are not only a great way to get your logo seen by a large number of people, but are also a great way to build goodwill towards your company. Having your company associated with the beginning of the holiday season, and the pleasure both children and adults alike take in the parties and fun that make up Halloween, is a great way to get noticed.
Place your logo prominently on a custom Halloween bag such as the plastic Halloween trick or treat bag or the metallic Halloween trick or treat bag for as little as $.23, and see how fast the public responds!
Full color logo Halloween bags can have up to five lines of customized copy in the large ad space available, giving you the option to add either your company name, address, phone number and website, a company slogan, or even a personalized holiday message!
There are many instances where the custom bags can be distributed with excellent results. Conventions, trade shows, and local events all make good venues. Some companies choose to place them in school stores, or at school or sporting events. They can be handed out as free gifts with the sale of candy or costumes. Children will carry them on their trick or treat rounds in the neighborhood, to church and mall Halloween outings, and even to parties. Imagine all of the free advertising by all of the children carrying the bags and displaying your logo to everyone they see. What better form of advertising than a continual stream of children having a good time? And parents will appreciate the free bags that won’t rip or tear!
Custom Trick or Treat Bags will serve well to promote your advertising needs; give one of the helpful agents at rushIMPRINT a call at 1-866-277-7874 and discuss what it is that you want to achieve. The trained agents will help you choose the best item for you in a professional and friendly manner.

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