Custom Duffel Bags

Custom duffel bags are valuable and versatile items that lend themselves well to advertising and marketing plans. They are available in many different styles, brands, sizes, colors, materials and price ranges, making them a perfect choice to customize for your business, company or event.

We use duffel bags when traveling, and many of them are the perfect size to use as carry-on luggage. They are lightweight, making them easy to carry, and many now have wheels.

Personalized duffel bags are easy to use when carrying sports and gym equipment, and can be thrown over the shoulder to carry, freeing your hands for other things. These bags hold all of the equipment you may need, fit into most lockers, and are easy to clean.

Custom duffel bags are also handy for business use. Some of the bags have special pockets for items such as laptops and cell phones. For business use, some of the leather duffel bags may be the perfect choice.

With over 120 styles of printed duffel bags to choose from, matching the perfect bag to your companies promotional campaign is an easy task.

For use as a gift for a top salesman or a valued customer, something such as a high quality multi-pocket Kenneth Cole Columbian Leather Weekender Duffel would be a grand choice, and would be a pleasure for any recipient to use. The 2” x 1.5” imprint area allows your logo to be readily visible to all who come in contact with this bag while it travels about.

It’s best to use a more inexpensive duffel bag for large-scale promotional giveaways. We have many of these, all with a large imprint area. These bags make a worthwhile investment, and will assure you of maximum exposure for your branding efforts. You can also elect to choose embroidered duffel bags as your advertising item. Whichever style or brand you choose, you will know that your bags will be of the highest quality, and will be part of your customer’s life for many years to come.

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