Promotional Ice Scrapers

Every winter, those in the snow belt spend hours a day shoveling and scraping snow and ice from on and around their cars and trucks. Even when they have driven on their way to the office or store, a short stay inside may require additional scraping to clear the windshield. Anyone who has ever faced this problem has also faced the problem of what to do without an ice scraper! A gloved hand might work alright for snow, but it isn’t worth much when ice has built up on the glass.

Logo ice scrapers are always welcome at times like this! Having several is best, since you never know when you might need one. Most people keep at least one in their vehicle, and another at home and in the office. What better promotional product than one that people will use quite often, and will appreciate having received it from you? Your logo will be prominently displayed and seen every time the ice scraper is used.

Promotional ice scrapers can be given away at almost any tradeshow, convention, or event, and being such an inexpensive item you can give out large numbers of them. They are also conveniently shaped and small enough to be distributed as part of a mail-out campaign.

Are you looking for a novelty ice scraper? The ice scraper hand mitten will please everyone you choose to give them to. The mitten comes in handy when removing ice and snow, and protects you from the cold. You can have the ice scraper customized with your logo on the large 3” x 3” imprint area.

Car dealerships, service stations and sporting goods stores will all find these useful items to be a fantastic addition to their advertising mix. They can be handed out at sporting events in the fall and winter seasons, and everyone will appreciate them.

All of the Logo ice scrapers are made of highly durable material that will last through many seasons, giving your logo repeat advertising for a long period and through several seasons.

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