Promotional Products Under $1

Promotional Products under $1

There are times when you prefer inexpensive promotional products for your advertising, such as when you’re doing a large-scale giveaway at a convention or a trade show. Let’s be honest, you want something cheap, but you also want a product that won’t crumble when your potential customers put it in their pockets. Well at rushIMPRINT, you can have your promo cake and eat it, too. We offer a large number of durable promotional products under $1.00 from which you can select. Purchase them in bulk, and use them for one (or several) events.

You can choose from a variety of these items to represent your company to a large number of people. Select from calendars, bottle openers, drinkware, sports items, key chains, lighters, office supplies, and much more.

A clothing company or someone hosting a sporting event might choose from such promos like the Rubberized Malibu Sunglasses, for instance. For less than a cup of coffee each, you can have your logo imprinted on these stylish shades and get constant exposure every time they’re worn.

Even the technology area offers an opportunity to use these low-cost promos. The Computer Screen Sweep removes dust from computer monitors and most glass surfaces, and is so much more convenient than spraying a bottle of some chemical on your monitor. Just a few passes with the sweep and the dust is gone. Another option that is always a crowd pleaser is the Cable Keeper. This handy little gadget organizes cords for you, which is great for cable management.

For those associated with the automotive industry in any way, from sales to service, there are numerous inexpensive promotional products to help you represent your company. Place your company logo prominently on items such as a Universal License Plate Frame, a Visor Ice Scraper, or a Mini Ice Scraper key chain.

There are promotional products under $1 that will advertise your company just the way you want. Distribute them to everyone attending a convention, or place a large basket of them on your office counter and let customers take one when they visit you. Select several and use them to make up gift baskets for smaller gatherings or to use as door prizes. It isn’t necessary to spend large sums to advertise your company successfully.

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