Promotional Towels

Custom Rally TowelsLogo towels have a definite place in your marketing plan as a valuable promotional tool. Towels are with us everywhere, from the bathroom to the beach, and few items get more exposure than a towel. We use towels for our morning shower, to dry our hands at the office or on the job, we use them in the gym, we take them in our cars and to the beach or golf course.

Few items receive the attention that these custom towels do. Your one time initial cost will provide you with an advertising medium that will be seen again and again, by a wide variety of people. Towels come in a large variety of sizes, styles and colors, to give you a wide selection to choose from. And few items provide such a large imprint area to display your logo.

Golf towels are a great choice for those selling or promoting golf equipment or golf courses, as well as those involved with celebrity or charity golf tournaments; schools and other golf teams are also good advertising targets. Sports towels such as the custom rally towel, made of 100% cotton, make a great choice for most any sporting event.

Beach towels are one of the most popular printed towels, both because they are so useful and because they have such a large imprint area. Some of these towels, such as the Jewel collection colored beach towel, have an imprint area as large as 25” x 50” for your logo. Imagine the ease with which this logo will be visible to everyone at the beach! And beach towels are not an item that is disposed of after one use. Your one-time expense for the purchase of these towels will result in years of repeat exposure.

When you are choosing your product for your next promotional campaign, be sure to consider using screen printed towels as part of your marketing mix. It is hard to go wrong when selecting a product that will be seen and enjoyed by so many.

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