Custom Zippo Lighters

Custom Zippo LightersThe Zippo Company has been in business since 1933, providing high quality, long lasting lighters, many of which have become collectors’ items. The custom Zippo lighters that you display your company logo on stand beside such classics as the Jack Daniels street chrome lighter, the Playboy brushed chrome lighter, and the I Love Elvis brushed chrome lighter. Zippo makes windproof lighters, utility lighters, and candle lighters in a variety of finishes, and offers a lifetime guarantee.

customized Zippo lighters work best for small promotions, door prizes and gifts for customers and employees. They are the perfect promotional tool for tobacco stores and sporting goods stores and sporting events. They have often been given as gifts to retiring employees as they can be customized to suit the occasion. A model such as the Zippo Windproof Lighter in Black ice finish is the perfect example of a classy, memorable, and useful promotional gift. It has a solid brass case, a nickel silver hinge, and a specially-designed windproof chimney. It comes with a two-piece Zippo gift box. Anyone receiving these personalized Zippo lighters will treasure them for a long time to come, and will remember you for the delightful gift. These lighters are also available in a matte finish, brushed chrome, and high polish brass as well as others. The 1” x 1” imprint area allows you plenty of room for your logo or other information.

During the holiday season, send some of these lighters to your clients from the previous year; give them as special holiday gifts to your employees. Are you in a tobacco-related industry, such as a pipe or cigar store? Send personalized Zippo lighters along with a single cigar or tobacco sample to select customers.

Whichever Zippo lighter you choose to represent your company, you can rest assured that your gift will be of the highest quality, and backed by the prized Zippo lifetime guarantee. Years from now, when most promotional products are long gone, your customized Zippo lighters will still be going strong and still promoting your company as well as they do right now. If you are looking for a promotional product that will give you repeat advertising, very few items can match these lighters. With a lifetime guarantee, there may be no gift with a more lasting impact than a custom Zippo Lighter!

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