Custom Boomerangs

custom boomerangsReady for a trivia question? What traditional sporting item has been around for over 30,000 years, and was part of a collection of King Tutankhamen, and is still used today? As you probably guessed by the title of this article, it’s the boomerang, of course! Something else that may surprise you is the fact that using promotional boomerangs as part of your advertising campaign is the a fantastic idea for many businesses.

Children love these boomerangs, but most adults are also unable to resist throwing one when they have a chance. We’re just so fascinated with how they work. Although we now use them mainly as sporting or play items, boomerangs have also been used for hunting. There is even a world championship for boomerang throwing now. They were mostly made from wood, but bone boomerangs have also been discovered. Today, they can also be comprised of plywood, plastic or composites.

Custom boomerangs have a very large area for displaying your logo or other information where it can be readily observed. You can purchase an Australian style plastic boomerang with a 3” x 0.75” imprint area for your logo or company slogan in a variety of colors. These logo boomerangs are extremely inexpensive but don’t fall short on value, making them a reliable advertising tool.

Boomerangs work well for advertising most any type of business, and can be distributed easily. They are inexpensive enough to pass out at tradeshows, conventions, seminars and other events, as well as at schools and camps. Sporting goods stores find these promotional boomerangs an invaluable advertising tool, and many sporting events love to hand them out before a match or game. Although almost any item can be used as a promotional product, something such as custom boomerangs are a little different and unique, and will stand out from the more common items such as pens, key rings and lighters. When you are trying to make your business stand out, choosing something which stands out from the crowd is always a good idea.

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