Custom Lip Balm

custom lip balmDo your lips ever feel dry or chapped, particularly after a day in the cold and wind? When you spend a day in the sun, do your lips feel like all of the moisture has been sucked out of them? Do you frequently suffer from cold sores or other irritations of the lips?

Even when we smooth on tons of facial moisturizer, our lips can remain dry and even crack, making them not only unsightly but also painful and unhealthy. The skin on our lips is extremely sensitive, and does not provide the oils essential to keeping them moist.

This is where personalized chapsticks. They are made specifically to be used on the lips to provide the needed moisture and to prevent your lips from drying out or chapping. They are also helpful in soothing the pain of cold sores and other lip irritations.

What ingredients make up a good personalized chapstick? The most common are petroleum jelly or beeswax, with medicinal herbs a frequent addition. Vitamins, minerals and sunscreen are frequent additions, and of course, a quality imprint of your company logo prominently displayed!

It is highly likely that your employees and customers already use some type of lip balm or chapstick. Recent polls show that most women use them anywhere from two to thirty times a day! That means up to thirty opportunities a day for each person to see your logo and remind them of your company. That is a lot of exposure from such a small and reasonably inexpensive item!

You can select flavored logo lip balm in over 100 flavors, or order a custom flavor when you order in lots of 2500 or more. You can make your choice from single use packets, or opt for full novelty containers such as a soda can, golf ball, baseball, or even a golf ball filled with lip balm on a keychain!

custom chapstick will add a lot of zip to your advertising, and works equally well for almost any type of business or event.

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