Custom Logo Robes

custom robesWe wear promotional bathrobes when we are wet from a bath or shower, both to absorb leftover water and to keep warm. They also serve as an informal cover up when lounging around the house in the evening.

Most bathrobes are made of one of several materials: cotton, silk, microfiber, wool or nylon, as these are the fabrics which have been found to be the most appropriate. They are usually terry cloth, velour, or flannel. We also wear them after swimming to help us dry off and cover a swimsuit. These robes have an open front with a tie belt closure for a loose fitting comfort.

Bathrobes are also frequently worn in the morning as cover ups before we are fully dressed, while preparing breakfast or enjoying a cup of coffee. Most of us have pleasant memories of sitting with a hot cup of coffee and reading a paper before getting a start on a hectic business day, wrapped snugly in a warm, comfortable robe.
Hotels and spas frequently present their guests with complimentary printed bathrobes for their visit, particularly for their corporate visitors. These make a great opportunity for their use as a promotional product for these hotels. Printed bathrobes are frequently of the cotton variety due to their reasonable cost, and feature a large promotional logo prominently displayed.

Most of these bathrobes are uni-sex, meaning they are perfect for either men or women; the most common color is white. Some come with hoods, and these are mainly those designed to be worn after swimming to cover wet hair.

Printed robes make excellent promotional gifts, with a large area on the left chest for the embroidery of your company logo. They are particularly valuable for advertising for businesses such as hotels, motels, spas and rental condominiums. They also make wonderful promotional gifts for employees or customers, as everyone can always use one of these promotional bathrobes.

Select one of the 10 different styles available, and present your customers or employees with a gift that they will wear with pleasure. Each design is in excellent taste and of the highest quality.

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