Custom Tape Measures

custom tape measuresHow many uses can you think of for branded tape measures? We use them for carpentry projects of all sorts, from something as simple as building a stool to building a house or office building. Every step of the way a tape measure keeps us on track so that our project will turn out to fit together properly and have the right dimensions.

We use them when we sew, knit or crochet to make sure that our finished project fits properly. It is very difficult to take a person’s measurements without one! We use them to measure distances when setting up a garden or arranging the furniture in our home. We even use them to measure the size of a room to be certain the furniture we want to buy will fit.

It’s hard to imagine how we would get along without these promotional tape measures; the old standby, the ruler and yardstick, simply can’t do the many things we need done. They can’t measure round surfaces, and the short length is prohibitive for many uses.

custom tape measures come in many different styles to match the job you are using them for. With over 35 different designs to choose one, you should have no problem selecting one which matches your business.

There are novelty imprinted tape measures such as the light bulb tape measure, the tire tape measure, or the keychain tape measure. There are tape measures that make perfect promotional items for certain type businesses, such as the house keychain that is a favorite for realtors, or the patient care tape measure that is ideal for hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other health care providers.

Of course, there are always the traditional tape measures made for the construction industry. Any or all of these and more will get your advertising message across with a durable, useful item that your customers will appreciate. Each time one is used, your message will be right there in front of them, reminding them of where they received it.
Custom tape measures will be a great addition to any marketing or advertising campaign, and their low cost make them a great choice as a gift.

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