Custom Travel Mugs

custom mugsIt used to be common to sit at the table or on the porch in the morning enjoying a hot cup of coffee before starting our work day. It gave us a pleasant and relaxed start to the day, and allowed us to gradually work into our routine.

Today, it is much more common in our fast paced world to grab a cup of coffee on our way out the door and drink it on the way. Unfortunately, grabbing your usual cup in this way tends to lead to spilled coffee and burnt hands. Custom travel mugs are the perfect solution. Of course, once we arrive at the office with our mugs, it is only natural that we continue using them throughout the day, refilling them as necessary.

These imprinted travel mugs prevent spills at your desk, saving your papers and computers from disaster. They keep your drink from cooling too quickly, so that the temperature remains more constant. Are you one of those people who prefer soft drinks? Logo travel mugs work just as well for cold drinks as they do for coffee. And for those health conscious individuals who prefer to sip water or fruit juice throughout the day, they are the perfect solution.

You can choose from plastic, ceramic and metal mugs in a wide range of sizes, styles, designs and colors. With over 125 selections to choose from, it is easy to locate one that perfectly complements your business. Logo travel mugs such as the 16 oz color touch stainless tumbler, which has a stainless outer wall as well as a stainless lid with push and pull opening as well as a gift box, provide you with a 2” x 2.5” imprint area to display your logo for everyone to see and remember.

Overall, what better solution for a promotional item than printed travel mugs that go everywhere with you? All day long, the mug is advertising and promoting your business or event for the one low initial investment. Not only is the user constantly exposed to your logo or message, but it also prominently on display to anyone who happens to pass by.

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