Promotional Koozies

custom beer kooziesDo you love an ice cold drink while you are relaxing outdoors, but hate to have your hand feel frozen from the can or bottle? Even worse, do you absolutely despise the condensation that forms on the outside of the can or bottle that gets all over your hands? Personalized beer koozies take care of these problems for you, as well as helping to keep your drink the proper temperature for drinking.

These custom Koozies are a versatile and inexpensive way to advertise your business or event. They make a great marketing tool for almost any type of business, and because of their useful nature, they appear not only in bars and restaurants, but even such varied places as reunions, weddings and other festive occasions. They are popular on motorcycle runs, at 5k walks, and all of the many charity golf tournaments both local and national.

Custom can koozies are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. You can select from a basic can cooler, a collapsible koozie, or a bottle buddy style. A golf tournament may decide that golf custom can koozies are the perfect fit. Soccer, baseball, basketball and soccer koozies successfully advertise for sporting goods stores as well as games, teams and tournaments. Each style provides a large imprint area to display either your logo or event information in bright contrast against a color chosen by you from a large selection.

Custom printed koozies work well as giveaways at conventions, tradeshows, seminars and other events because of their compact size and reasonable cost. They are equally valuable as part of a mail out campaign, as many fold flat to fit in an average envelope.

The next time your company hosts a family picnic for your employees, be sure to provide plenty of custom printed koozies for all of the family members. Not only will they enjoy them during the outing, but will take them home and use them again and again. You are guaranteeing yourself multiple advertising opportunities from one initial investment!

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