Trade Show Promotional Products

While almost any item may be used as tradeshow promotional products, it is always a better marketing practice to select one that is creative, unique or fun to stand out from the vast number of other products at the same event. What you want is a unique promotional item custom imprinted with your logo that will be used, and not thrown away or placed in a drawer somewhere. This can be something as simple as a different pen or notepad, or something such as a custom shape stress ball or flashlight keychain.
rushIMPRINT not only offers you the traditional choices, but also offers a large selection featuring the latest trends in promotional tradeshow items. Are you looking for a promotional item that you need in a hurry? Among the over 2700 products offered, there are many that are available in as little as one day.
Tradeshows, conventions, seminars and other events are the perfect place to put your advertising into high gear. The large number of potential customers attending these events guarantees a good amount of exposure. The choice of which tradeshow giveaways to use is important, whether it is expensive or inexpensive. Brochures and flyers are most often quickly disposed of or, worse yet, tossed in the trash. You want an article that will be used and remembered, something that is unique enough to set it apart from the many other items passed out.
Best sellers such as the rubberized Malibu sunglasses, Rockwell square chocolate pieces, business card magnets, round stress balls, and bic slim lighters are all excellent choices, and are all inexpensive enough to make them cost effective advertising items. Value non-woven tote bags are another good selection, since they have a large imprint area for your logo, and are great for carrying around all of the other items you will pick up at the tradeshow.
Choose your tradeshow promotional products carefully, and you will find that they will give you a tremendous amount of exposure for a very low cost. They provide a very respectable return on your investment, and provide continued advertising.

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