Promotional Toys

promotional toysWe’ve all heard the phrase “the child in all of us.” Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to playing with toys! That is why promotional toys should be such an important part of your marketing campaign. We all know what happens when a little boy gets a toy train set for Christmas-dad is right there on the floor with him setting up the tracks. And who is next to the little girl playing with the new Barbie doll or dollhouse? We all get older, but it is the rare person who loses their love of toys.

Many of us collect toys through the years. Everything from dolls to matchbox cars to old fashion wooden toys are sought out from garage sales, second hand stores and estate sales, as well a from other collectors. Company logo toys have always been a favorite among collectors. Check out any old toy with the coca cola logo, and see what they sell for! Collectible items with the Marvel and DC logos sell for premium prices, as do many others.You may not own a business that is on the level with Coca Cola (yet!), but when you are searching for a promotional product for your company, you really should consider promotional toys.

Inexpensive items such as crayons, ping pong balls, Frisbees and hacky sacks, to name just a few, are tremendous for advertising when emblazoned with your brightly colored logo. These toys can be given away in large quantities at tradeshows, conventions and other events.

More expensive items, such as a football bean bag throw, a premium poker game set or a stuffed plush bear with your logo, make wonderful gifts for employees and customers and their families.

No matter what business you are in, there is nothing like adding a little fun to your advertising to get your customers involved. Of course, if you happen to be in the toy business, or in any business that involves children in any way, there is no better choice for a promotional product than toys! Hospitals use them, doctors and dentist offices have found them very helpful in calming young patients. There are few businesses that can’t benefit from the use of promotional toys!

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