Custom Chip Clips

promotional chip clipshave a definite place in your next advertising campaign. They are a handy, easy to use and popular item that every home needs and never has too many of!
Do you hate stale potato chips? You open the bag, have a few, and go to put them away – how to keep them fresh and crispy? Custom logo chip clips are the perfect tool for this job. And they aren’t just for chips! It is amazing how many uses you can find for them. They clip most any type of bag you open, from cereal bags to dog food and pet treat bags. Have you ever been on a picnic and had the napkins blow away? Put them in a chip clip and they will stay put. Use them when you have a large number of papers to hold together – they are much easier to use than traditional paper clips.
Are you used to cooking and trying to keep your place in a cookbook, only to have it disappear and you have to stop and find the right page? Promotional chip clips are handy right there in the kitchen and will hold your place for you. If this isn’t enough ways to use them, here’s another. Use magnetic chip clips on your refrigerator of file cabinet to hold notes, lists, pictures, appointment slips or even mail where they are easy to find or keep track of.
The best promotional products are those that will be in constant use so that your logo is always on display. Unlike items that are thrown away or tossed in a drawer and forgotten, such as brochures or flyers, custom logo chip clipsare useful and decorative, and will remain in active use for a long time.
These clips come in a wide variety of styles, designs and colors, and are a very reasonably priced promotional item. Select them in a color that will show your company logo off well, and hand them out in large numbers for the ultimate in advertising.

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