Custom Lanyards

custom lanyardsHave you been to a conference and seen people walking around with what appeared to be a rope or cord around their neck, with a name or ID card on them? These are called lanyards, and often the ones they are wearing are custom lanyards with their business logo on them. It helps to quickly identify which company a person works for. Identification is the usual reason for using these lanyards, but they are also helpful when trying to keep from losing something. Small children can wear them on school outings to be sure that they do not get separated from their group, and if they do, can easily be returned to where they belong. They are also convenient for older students, who can use them to identify different school or group members.

We even see them in stores where they make it simple to spot an employee when we need help, in factories for identification purposes, and even in hospitals.
Selecting a promotional product that is useful, easy to distribute and inexpensive can be a time consuming process, and imprinted lanyards are one of those products that should be considered. They fit all three criteria, as well as being a highly visible promotional tool in a variety of settings.

You can provide them for your employees for use at trade show, conventions and seminars to easily identifying them as members of your company. Trade show lanyards are extremely convenient at large gatherings, where your logo can be spotted from across the room. You can also give them away at the same events to all types of potential customers.

The xzibit lanyard a rope lanyard which includes breakaway cord, adjustable round slide button and metal hook, would make a good choice for this type of giveaway. The knitted cotton tradeshow eyewear retainer lanyard might also be an excellent option for your guests and customers who need a handy place to keep their sunglasses.

Each of these custom lanyards provide you with excellent advertising capabilities, and allow you to present your company logo in a highly professional manner.

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