Custom Logo Candles

custom logo candlesWhen I was a child, candles were something you used when the power went out, and sometimes we had small ornamental ones for Christmas, but you didn’t light them, just used them for decorations. Now, there are whole stores dedicated to them – decorative candles, and delightfully scented ones. We light custom candles in the bath to relax us, and candles in the rest of the house to remove odors and leave a pleasant scent. There are candles designed to remove smoke or cooking odors, and others that are so attractive that we use them just for decoration. There are candle warmers that provide the scent from the candles without lighting them, so that they last much longer.

Aromatherapy, a type of alternative medicine, uses the scent of certain plants to relax and soothe you, by altering your mood. Aromatherapy candles can give your disposition a great boost.

Any time a candle is in a home or office, it could be doing your advertising for you. By placing your logo on any of these printed candles and distributing them, you are boosting your marketing and advertising efforts. They make wonderful gifts at holidays or any time of year, and can be as simple as the snap top tin candle, an aromatherapy and massage candle that is made from eco-friendly and biodegradable wax. It has a natural vanilla scent and color, and is a clean burning soy wax candle. It includes a 1 to 4 color process laminated decal or one color direct imprint.

Or you can go for more expensive but impressive logo candles such as the bowler aromatherapy candle in a 14 oz Libbey Bowl. Choose your scents from: Cucumber Melon (green), Vanilla (ivory), Rose (pink), Blueberry (navy), or Apple Cinnamon (red).

Every candle has a readily visible imprint of your logo displayed in a prominent area of the candle, to remind the user of where it came from. Even after the candle has been used, the glass or other container will be put to other uses, and your logo will continue to be on display for a long time.

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