Custom Promotional Phone Chargers

Do you need to make a phone call and you are away from home? Drive around until you locate a pay phone, make sure you have the right change – okay, that’s how it used to be done. Today, we have cell phones that we carry with us everywhere we go. They are a lot handier and much more convenient, and as the price has come down, we all have them.
However, a cell phone only works when it has been charged, and that’s where promotional phone chargers come in.
We live busy, often hectic, lifestyles today. We are always on the go, whether for work or on personal business. Things slip our minds sometimes, and it is not uncommon to forget to charge your phone at night. This can be a real problem when you are rushing to work, or to get the kids off to school. Are you travelling on business, and forgot to plug in your phone at the motel, and have an important call to make?
The simple answer is to have a car phone charger that goes with you and can charge your phone while you drive to work or even to the store. These handy little devices have become a very important item in our everyday lives, and thus have also become great promotional items. Give them away as gifts, and you will be gratefully remembered. Your business logo on one of these imprint custom phone chargers will go a long way in helping in your branding campaign.
You can select an inexpensive one such as the mini auto adapter when you intend to distribute a large number of them. This universal plug adapter plugs into an accessory power outlet to charge personal devices. It has an output up to 1 Amp, compatible with smart phones. Or you can opt for a more elaborate style like the dual usb car charger. This USB Car charger works with USB compatible devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, as well as smartphones like Blackberry and Android OS based products. It can charge multiple devices at the same time.
Either of these or any of the rest of the 12 choices will improve your advertising and give you great results.

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