3071 Nylon Custom Drawstring Bags

drawstring backpacksAre you planning on using promotional products to make your company more visible? There are so many places where you can use these items to promote both goodwill and a positive brand image. Everyone considers the common places such as trade shows, seminars and conventions, however, you can also use community service events, fairs, and fundraisers to provide great opportunities.

Choose an inexpensive yet memorable item such as the Nylon Custom Drawstring Bag as a tangible reminder of your business. This convenient backpack is 14” X 18”, and has a large 8” X 9” imprint area for your logo. It’s made of Denier Polyester and has contrasting simulated leather reinforced black trim. Available in a variety of colors, this cinch bag gives can perfectly contrast of complement your company logo, team name, or club.

The reasonable cost of these backpacks makes it possible to consider many venues that you may previously have passed up. There are a large number of trade shows and conventions taking place that may not relate specifically to your industry, but where exposure could still help your business. Safety shows, health shows, and even educational shows and fairs can provide broad local exposure. Many charitable organizations hold events such as charity golf tournaments and runs/walks that are well attended. Police departments and social service agencies across the country will be delighted to give these backpacks out to children in the community. The advertising on the backpacks will not only be seen by the children, their parents and those they come in contact with, but also by those who distribute them. What better way to build good will for your company, and the image of a caring part of your community?

A good public image can be highly beneficial to any business. The Nylon Custom Drawstring Bags will be a definite plus to any advertising plan, and will help to make certain that your return on investment is the best it can be.

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