Custom 0011-45 Elleven Checkpoint Friendly Bag

custom backpacksLaptop computers have become an integral part of our daily lives, with everyone from the busy businessman carrying his on a trip, to school children taking them to school. It seems hard to believe that the first laptop, the Osbourne, only came into existence in 1981. It was the size of a small sewing machine, unlike today’s models, and could even be taken along on business trips on an airplane. However did we manage without today’s high tech, compact models? Many people pay extremely high amounts for their laptops, and many carry highly sensitive documents and information on them. Naturally, we find it necessary to make arrangements for the protection of these devices.

Taking your computer along on an airplane has become a common occurrence, whether you travel for business or pleasure. Keeping your laptop safe on these trips is a major concern. The Elleven Checkpoint Friendly Compu Backpack is the perfect carrying case for your valuable property. It has a designated laptop-only section that unfolds to lay flat on the X-ray belt to increase your speed, convenience and security.It comfortably holds laptops up to 17”. Don’t take chances with a bag that will simply tote your laptop; make sure that you are getting a product that provides maximum protection when you travel. It also features several pockets, both zippered and open, and padded back and shoulder straps for comfort.

This backpack has a large 4” x 3” imprint area for a logo or other company information, making this a valuable promotional item choice. It will provide a great deal of exposure for your company or business in airports, hotels and restaurants both here and abroad, exposing your company to a great many individuals who you would otherwise not be able to reach. Of course, it will also be used in the office, and on the way to and from work, putting it in front of an ever increasing audience. Because of the high quality of workmanship and materials, it puts you in the spotlight as a company that puts a great emphasis on quality and value. Our custom backpacks are a great choice for everyone!

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