Die Cut Handle Bag: Spread Your Logo Around

When you go to a convention or conference, do you always remember to take a bag or folder to carry important ads or information you pick up? Have you ever gone to the fair or an exhibit and realized you have nowhere to put your swag? Church functions and carnivals, where the children get all those goodies and toys… just one more place you need a carry-all. It would be a great help at the beach to have an easy place to put your shells and other keepsakes. These nifty Die Cut Handle Bags would be handy to have around.

They are the perfect size to hold onto those pamphlets and ads, or pens. Everyone likes to get free samples of things at registration for school, or Spring Break with all the free giveaways, and what better way to advertise your company than with people using these Die Cut Handle Bags with your logo? You can be assured that your company will get recognized with these eye catching bags.

These bags can easily be designed to suit any company or business. Realtors can use them to hold listing information and pictures of homes, doctors’ offices can include information on procedures and medications, and health organizations can include all types of valuable information. Insurance companies find these very convenient for sending information home with client. The bags can be taken home and reused later on.

The Die Cut Handle Bag is available in 8 assorted colors. Just the right size with a height of 15”, width of 12”, and a depth of 3”, the bag also has a large area for your company logo or promotional message. The price starts as low as $0.35! Wow!

So why not get started now with some of these bags at your next promotion and see how much business it will bring!

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