Non-Woven Hit Sports Pack is Handy and Inexpensive

What do you look for in a sports bag? You want it to be functional. It needs to be easy to carry, and easy to put away. You want a bag that will hold everything that you need, yet not be bulky or uncomfortable. The bag also needs to be strong and durable enough to withstand rough use and still look good. It must be stain resistant and withstands tears.

The Non-Woven Hit Sports Pack fits all of these criteria, and guess what? It’s available for as low as $0.96 each! This pack is a roomy 13” X 15”, and is made of 80 gram non-woven, coated water resistant polypropylene. It has an extra large 8” X 9” imprint area to set off your logo.

The Non-Woven Hit Sports Pack is available in your choice of eleven different colors. Choose your company colors and add a contrasting color logo. What a great choice for a large scale promotion where you really want exposure!

These make a real hit as giveaways at sporting events, and they’re also a particular favorite at charity sporting events, school fairs, and community events. They’re also popular with businesses that sell of sporting equipment and clothing. What better way to publicize your company than to have your logo seen on so many different sporting fields, locker rooms, and on the way to and from every event?

Everyone loves a “freebie.” When they see these sport packs being carried at a convention or tradeshow, everyone will want their own. That draws more attention to your booth. The more looks you get, the better your chances of making a great impression.

As a final bonus, the Non-Woven Hit Sports Pack is priced just right for a good ROI.

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