Full Color Die Cut Bags Are to Die For!

Are you looking for a promotional item with a unique flair? Something useful, attractive, convenient to store and distribute, and with a low, affordable price? The 11×15 Full Color Die Cut Bag is all that and more.

This 11″ by 15″ bag is large enough to allow papers, handouts, and other materials to fit conveniently inside. The imprint area covers almost the entire front of the bag – a full 10.5” X 14.5” – and you can have the imprint in as many colors as you like. The color and print quality is exceptional, which means you can choose images that you could not ordinarily include on a promotional product. The bag will stand out and draw attention in a way that a simple logo just can’t do, and you can include as much information as you like.

Pass these bags out at a convention or trade show so visitors can carry their other handouts that they collect in your bag. Your logo will be seen by everyone! Adding postage-free return postcards requesting information can make them an even more valuable as a sales tool.

We’ll targeted your bags to suit any company or business with your choice of image. Realtors can use them to hold listing information and pictures of homes; doctors’ offices can include information on medications and procedures, and health organizations can include all types of valuable health information. Insurance companies find these very convenient for sending information home with clients on policies so clients can compare them at their leisure.

The 11×15 Full Color Die Cut Bag is a fantastic all-around promotional product, spanning almost every industry and age group. The extremely low cost means more bags for your money, so you’ll receive extensive advertising exposure.

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