Econo Insulated Lunch Bag – Just Add PB&J

custom lunchbagsI think all of us, at least the older generation, remember carrying lunch to school or on picnics in a brown paper bag. It didn’t keep the food at the right temperature, and a sandwich had the bad habit of losing its shape when something was put on top of it. Eating a sandwich that has the height and appearance of a potato chip just isn’t very appealing! Parents hesitated to add a sandwich with meat for fear it would go bad, and an orange that sat out all day didn’t do much for us as far as taste.

Today, we can pack a healthy, tasty lunch or snack for our children for school, trips, or picnics, and know that it will be as fresh when they eat it as when it was packed. The Econo Insulated Lunch Bag is a large 6” X 8”, and has plenty of space for a full meal. It is made from non-woven polypropylene and has a 80GSM with foil liner to keep foods hot or cold.
These lunch bags are not limited to use by children, either. Pack a quick breakfast in to take to the office to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee. They are a convenient size to store when you are finished until it is time to go home, or attractive enough to sit on the desk all day long.
The 4” X 2.75” imprint area is perfect for the prominent display of your logo, and it is the right size to make the image highly visible.

The Econo Insulated Lunch Bag makes the perfect giveaway at conventions, seminars, and tradeshows. They are particularly useful at school functions and events, sporting events, and fundraisers. Charity golf tournaments are a great place to display them, and often the recipients will be happy for something to carry around their cold drinks and snacks throughout the tournament. They are also valuable when sold in a school or team store as an added source of revenue.

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