Easy Squeezy 24 oz Custom Sports Bottles Are Easy Everywhere!

No matter how many cups, tumblers, and water bottles you have, there’s always room for one more! Some are plain, single-use, and disposable; others you can hang on to and reuse for years. One you’ll want to use again and again is the Easy Squeezy 24 oz. Sport Bottle. This little gem is so great for a multitude of uses that you’ll probably want to snag more than one.

This best-selling sports bottle is Made in America. After all, every job saved by purchasing and using American-made products is important to the economy. If you’re looking for that Made in America sticker, this sports bottle is made for you! It’s also BPA-free, and to top it all off, it’s HDPE-made with recyclable materials, and both the lid and bottle are biodegradable. Purchasing these bottles as a promotional product marks your company as one that cares – about the environment, your customer’s health, and even the economy. This can do a great deal for a business’s image, and much of the public prefers to do business with a company that cares.

The Easy Squeezy 24 oz. Sport Bottle has a twist on lid and a push/pull drinking spout so you don’t have to worry about drips and spills. It has a handy shape that makes it easy to hold or pack, and comes in five different colors.

The Easy Squeezy 24 oz. Sport Bottle makes a great giveaway at any sporting event, whether it be professional or a school game. Choose a color that complements or contrasts your school colors. They also make very good gifts at conventions and trade shows, where they can be put to use immediately and then taken home for reuse. Travel always calls for a convenient, non spill bottle for cold drinks, and this one serves that purpose well.

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