Blues Brothers Custom Shades

Blues Brothers Custom Shades<br /> <meta name="description" content="Custom Blues Brothers sunglasses are the perfect product to shade your eyes while you grow brand recognition."><br /> </meta>

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Bein’ a Soul Man in this day and age can sometimes be harsh. Times are tough and often, you find yourself chewin’ on a Rubber Biscuit for sustenance. With the trials and tribulations that come with the territory, it’s clear that the life of a musician isn’t for everyone, but hey, you can’t help who you are. When those soulful notes sing your name with their siren’s call, there’s no denying them. All you can do is strap that guitar to your back, stash a couple blues harps in yer pocket and head on down to the crossroads. Traveling that dusty desert road like a wayfarer can be unforgiving and fraught with all sorts of dangers: Cacti, vultures, the devil waiting to strike a deal and let’s not forget about that relentless jerk sun, beating down on your already weary eyes. With all your cash goin’ into your music, maybe you can’t afford those fancy Ray Bans. You still need a solid pair of sunglasses though, because other than a night or two at Heartbreak Hotel, Nothing will give ya a case of the blues worse than temporary blindness.

Fret not, weary bluesman, because at Rush Imprint, we hear your eyes screamin’ “Gimme some Lovin’” and we can offer them sound protection. Our Blues Brothers Customized Sunglasses fit just about any adult head and can be imprinted with whatever logo you need. The insanely low price is affordable on even the strictest budget, and although it may seem too good to be true, we assure you: no soul contract is required.

“You’re tellin’ me I can get cheap sunglasses personalized with my logo?”

You better believe it. We even go a step further, and for two extra days of production and a slight increase in price, we offer personalized, custom imprinting on both sides of these shades. Getting your band name or even company logo the recognition it deserves has never been easier or more stylish, so pass these bad boys out at your next show and spread the cool.

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