Custom Ping Pong Balls

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custom ping pong balls

Since the dawn of time, necessity has always been the mother of invention. Mammoth steaks too raw, fella? Boom, fire. Having trouble lugging all those rocks back and forth? Well say hello to the wheel! Feel the need to both slap and chop something? Vince’s gotcha covered. However, until the early 1950’s college students everywhere were thirsty for an entertaining party game. Standing around and socializing about Eisenhower’s latest policies surprisingly wasn’t as enjoyable as it sounds, so a few innovative minds at Dartmouth college decided to shake things up a bit.

As any sensible person would conclude, a game of hand-eye coordination would be the perfect companion to alcoholic beverage consumption. Thus, beer pong was born. In the infancy of its conception, the game was initially played with paddles and a net, much like standard table tennis. However, common sense soon dictated that maybe a drunken individual and a blunt object weren’t the best companions. In the 1980’s the game was simplified to the version we know today. Renowned among frat guys and tailgaters alike, beer pong is often the cornerstone of any celebration.

What would any game of beer pong be without the ping pong balls? Well, probably pretty strange, I’d imagine – a bunch of drunks standing around a table, arranging cups in odd triangle shapes. Doesn’t sound like a good time to me. Luckily, we don’t have to suffer such a fate. Rush Imprint offers an enormous variety of custom ping pong balls onto which you can imprint whatever logo you need. Think about it – boatloads (yes that’s the scientific estimate) of people across the country play beer pong every day. As a company, would you rather they use a plain, white ball, or one with your logo screen printed all over it? Though their memory of last night’s party might be forever lost, the morning after spent cleaning up vomit, pizza, bottles and ping pong balls is sure to stick with them. With Rush Imprints custom pong balls, so can your logo.

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