Chammyz Kimono Style Robe

<br /> <meta name="description" content= "Chammyz Kimono Style Robes raise the bar on spa and resort-style comfort."><br /> Chammyz Kimono Style Robe<br /> </meta>

Chammys ain’t no jammies; they’re far more than that. Honestly, could a simple pair of flannel slacks and an old baggy t-shirt emit the same sense of style and sophistication that one would exude while wearing a Japanese Kimono styled bathrobe? I think not. No, for that next-level chic, you’re going to need an all-encompassing, soft and snuggling, monstrously fluffy, comfortable and personalized robe. Yes, that’s right; I said personalized! No longer do you have to steal one from your favorite upscale hotel,(not that you’d ever do that in the first place…) instead, you can have your very own monogrammed bathrobe complete with an embroidered logo of your choice!

The uses for these personalized bath robes are nearly endless! From beach walkin’ and water sportin’, to just kickin’ back on the couch with a fine glass of chardonnay and your favorite film, the soft embrace of the Chammyz Kimono Style Robe will keep you warm, comfortable and dry. Personalized with your embroidery, there’s no risk of anybody mistaking this robe for their own, and how could they anyways!? This type of quality craftsmanship is not often seen, so when it comes around, it stands out. Designed with coziness and panache in mind, these custom robes feature an oversized hood and sleeves to provide an even more laid-back feel than other robes. This is not some form-fitting, silk piece of apparel, so toss those self-conscious thoughts to the curb and let it all hang out in the one-size-fits-most Chammyz Kimono Style Robe.

Are you still up in the air about this amazing product? What more persuasion do you need? It’s an awesome robe! You can relax in it; it has your logo on it, it’s comfy, warm, snuggly, buggly and huggly-wuggly. Fugly? Not at all; it’s beautiful, just like you!

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