3 oz. Demi Espresso Mug

<br /> 3 oz. Demi Espresso Mug<br />

custom espresso mugI don’t know about you folks, but I’m a certified coffe-holic. I have no shame in admitting this. If I don’t get my daily sip, I start to trip…over my dragging feet. I need that pick-me-up or I’ll start to let-boss-down, and I definitely don’t want to do that, both for the sake of my career and because he’s a real nice fella. So every morning, I throw back a travel mug or Styrofoam cup full of the sweet, dark nectar and let that caffeine invigorate my body like a yellow sun for Superman. It’s a drug, there’s no denying this; studies have proven it. Several mornings of caffeine withdrawal and intense headaches have defeated all attempts to wean myself off the stuff, so I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m an addict. I’m in no hurry to join any Coffee-holics Anonymous meetings, though, so you can take your annual sobriety chips and shove them…back into storage because I don’t need them, thanks.

Lately, though, I’ve been needing a progressively stronger dose to get my fix, so I’ve turned to espresso. It’s a smaller, but much more powerful shot of java, so I’ve been filling my gullet with the stuff. However, until recently, I didn’t have a proper container to put it in. It would look goofy carrying around a big ol’ mug, but only using the bottom ten percent of it, and I’m certainly not going to fill it to the brim, either. I mean, I love my espresso, but I would like to get to sleep at night, too!

It just so happens that at my cousin’s wedding reception, there were gift baskets at every table. Fortunately for me, among the other goodies like personalized M&M’s, coasters, t-shirts and more, there was an awesome custom 3 oz. Demi Espresso mug, with the bride and groom’s names imprinted on the front. So every time a take a sip, not only am I revitalized for the day, but I’m also reminded of that incredible ceremony. She said she ordered all these custom imprinted gifts from rushIMPRINT, so I’ll have to check out their site!

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