Custom Heart Keychains

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custom heart key chainEver since the days of sending doodled notes to your grade school crush, hearts have been a universal symbol of affection. Not actual biological hearts mind you, but the familiar, Valentine’s Day cartoony, puffy symbols which we’ve all grown to love; (“less-than-three”, for the more text-savvy readers out there). There’s just something about that curvy symbol that triggers an instinctual affectionate response; something warm and embracing that makes you want to find the nearest pup and give him or her a big ol’ squeeze!

I remember folding red pieces of construction paper in half, then cutting a soft curve at the crease to make a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day card for my mom when I was in kindergarten. There was something so fun about it. My four-year-old mind was amazed by the concept. Our teacher, Mrs. Havel (Yes, I remember my kindergarten teacher’s name) would use that technique as a springboard for other similar projects, like snowflakes, snowmen and the like, but that’s a tale for another time. We’re talking about hearts here, so let’s stay focused.

So, what sorts of things can you do with these fancy hearts? Well, aside from the aforementioned V-Day options and cute texts to your significant other, you can snack on candy versions of them, get fluffy pillow versions of ‘em or even have them tattooed into your skin. There’s pretty much no limit to the things you can create. Additionally, you can purchase cute, customizable keychain versions of them, imprinted with whatever image, logo, text or combination of the three from rushIMPRINT. Ideal for wedding gift bags, bridal showers, V-Day parties, cardiovascular health conferences and more, these custom heart key chains are the perfect inexpensive knick-knack to fill that niche and add a special layer of personalization to your event. Heck, just use ‘em to keep all of your keys together.

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